Postgres Migrate Json To Jsonb

Mar 13, 2015. With the release of PostgreSQL 9.4, comes the ability to use binary JSON objects. This internal representation is faster and more capable than.

db/migrate/20131220144913_create_events.rb. create_table :events do |t|. t.json 'payload'. end. # app/models/event.rb. class Event <.

Jun 27, 2016. JSONB allows you to store JSON as is, and Rails has very good support for it. All you need is Postgres 9.4+ and a migration like this:.

Hanami | Guides – PostgreSQL – PostgreSQL. Hanami natively supports PostgreSQL data types. Please check your PostgreSQL version for. JSON(B). Hanami::Model.migration do change do create_table :commits do primary_key :id column :metadata, "jsonb" end end end

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Using JSON Type in Ecto – Gabriel Jaldon – May 21, 2015. migration defmodule MyApp. If you want to use a json column (not jsonb ), you will still need to create a. This is because we will be doing the JSON serialization in Postgrex , which is the Postgres adapter used by Ecto.

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