Oracle Database Migration From 9i To 10g Steps

expect from the CBO when you upgrade from Oracle database 9i to 10g. Optimizer and statistics areas, the second explains what pre-upgrade steps you need.

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Step By Step Oracle Database Upgrade from 9i to 11g and 10g to. – Jun 29, 2016. Oracle Database Upgrade process is the one of the main job for DBAs. I just prepared Manuel Upgrade doc which covers Oracle 9i to Oracle.

You need to follow the below steps to Stop and Start processes in Oracle RAC Shutdown RAC Database You need to Shutdown Database instances on each node.

How do you migrate an Oracle 9i database on HPUX to an Oracle 10g on Linux. HPUX is big endian while Linux is little endian so there is an additional step.

Shahid's Oracle DBA Blog: Upgrading Step by Step Oracle 9i to 10g. – Sep 17, 2012. It is easier to upgrade your existing Oracle9i Database using DBUA. In the past, there were several tedious, manual processes that had to be.

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