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Migration In this guide. Shipping Records; Immigration 1840-1880s; Immigration 1880s-1970s; Specific Group/Nationality Migrations; Emigration; Other Sources of.

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Laravel 5 Migration Add Foreign Key First of all your db keys and constraints should be maintained if you have completed migration from Access DB to Oracle successfully. Having said that, there are. Laravel – The PHP framework for web artisans. Modifying Columns Prerequisites. Before modifying a column, be sure to add the doctrine/dbal dependency to your. Apr 11, 2014. Polymorphic

In older versions of Laravel, migration files had relatively simple names, such as. You can then edit this file to flesh out your table/index definition. Later, when.

db.collection.createIndex() — MongoDB Manual 3.2 – Whether user specified or MongoDB generated, index names including their full namespace (i.e. database.collection ) cannot be longer than the Index Name.

what is the best way to configure data warehouse, which is responsible for managing access information for more than one applications? Both Synchronization and (de.

I want to add some clarification to this thread: Update-Database -TargetMigration:"name_of_migration" What you are doing above is.

CDbMigration is the base class for representing a database migration. $name, string, the name of the index to be dropped. The name will be properly quoted.

Migrations are available in Phalcon Developer Tools You need at least Phalcon. An index only requires that you define a name for it and a list of its columns.

Migrating Sql Server Databases Dba’s Checklist Database Performance Analyzer for SQL Server. a list of pre- and post- installation tasks to complete when migrating your database server to SQL Server 2014. Cheat Sheets for Developers. The largest collection of reference cards for developers. practices can help you avoid the pitfalls of migration, minimize associated risk, and complete the. Too often we
Move Mailbox While Outlook Open Move your Outlook Express mailbox to Mozilla Thunderbird. Download and install Mozilla Thunderbird (a free, open-source replacement for Outlook from the people who. Jan 28, 2011. Before you migrate Exchange Server mailboxes and settings to the Destination Server, profiles, ensure that all users open Outlook after their mailboxes are moved to the Destination Server, while

MIPEX History. The Migrant Integration Policy Index was first published in 2004 as the European Civic Citizenship and Inclusion Index. Read more about the previous 3.

Migration Operations | Django documentation | Django – Migration files are composed of one or more Operation s, objects that declaratively. Removes the index named name from the model with model_name.

Compare managing indexes in SQL and in Amazon DynamoDB. From SQL to NoSQL » Managing Indexes. IndexName – A name for the index. KeySchema.