Django Data Migration 1.7

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Note. It is possible to override the name of the package which contains the migrations on a per-app basis by modifying the MIGRATION_MODULES setting.

2014年8月5日. Django 1.7已经发布一段时间了,基本上这个版本最主要的改动就是加入了 migrations 。 在过去,几乎所有的Django项目都是用South来处理数据.

Mar 27, 2014. Supporting Both Django 1.7 and South Mar 27th, 2014 1:05 pm. in your app for database migrations and South relies on the same package. This can be done by hijacking their use of the migrate command with South.

AIX « – Remove noclobber option from ~/.kshrc or ~/.profile of root user and open a new terminal.

Executing Custom SQL in Django Migrations | End Point Blog – Sep 17, 2016. Since version 1.7, Django has natively supported database. The best way to run custom SQL in a migration is through the migration.RunSQL.

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