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ZendDbSqlDdl – Manual – Documentation – Zend Framework – ZendDbSqlDdl — Zend Framework 2 2.2.10 documentation. When combined with a platform specific ZendDbSqlSql object, these DDL objects are capable.

Oracle To Mysql Migration Issues Dec 2, 2016. Configure FishEye/Crucible to use MySQL, and migrate data; Option 1:. Migrating to Oracle · Migrating to SQL Server · Problems with very long. of MySQL are not supported, and are known to cause issues when used with. Oracle to MySQL Database migration and replication. Convert and sync data between Oracle and MySQL.

Simple Migrations for Zend Framework 2 – GitHub – Simple Migrations for Zend Framework 2. Contribute to. The following DB adapter drivers are supported by this module. Pdo_Sqlite; Pdo_Mysql; Mysqli only if.

Migration from Zend Framework 1 – Manual – Documentation – Zend. – Migration. Setting up a database adapter · Namespacing Old Classes. provide tools and strategies for migrating from Zend Framework 1 to Zend Framework 2.