Yii Migrate Primary Key

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Migration is designed to be used together with the "yii migrate" command. Builds and executes a SQL statement for creating a primary key. yiidbMigration.

Tim creates a new migration (e.g. creates a new table, changes a column definition, etc.). For example, TYPE_PK refers to auto-incremental primary key type;.

Adding a composite primary key for MySQL using Yii Migrations – Adding a composite primary key for MySQL using Yii Migrations. Last updated: 05 Mar 2016. Creating a composite PK(primary key) for a table so that GII can.

problem with new migration 2.0.6 · Issue #9546 · yiisoft/yii2 · GitHub – Aug 29, 2015. PS: To avoid confusion we can rename yiidbMigration::primaryKey() to yiidb Migration::serial() , yiidbMigration::squence() or something like.

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Feb 17, 2016. Or could Yii replace schema parameters, if we extend it by unsigned(). 'id' => $ this->primaryKey(10)->unsigned(), issue in migrations #10912.

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