Yii 2006 Mysql Server Has Gone Away

Sep 29, 2016. Discussion on forum for Yii 1: http://www.yiiframework.com/forum/index.php/topic/ 20063-general-error-2006-mysql-server-has-gone-away/.

I developing yii 1 console app. and for a long time runnning job sometime I got the error which says "2006 MySQL server has gone away".

How do I fix the error "Mysql Server has gone away. – The MySQL server has gone away (error 2006) has two main causes and solutions: Server timed out and closed the connection. To fix,

MySQL: "Warning: MySQL server has gone away" Last updated 28 June 2017. Created on 17 May 2008. – MySQL error 2006: mysql server has gone away – ERROR 2006.

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MySQL Error while updating to 1.0.2 · Issue #2242 · humhub. – Feb 8, 2017. MySQL Error while updating to 1.0.2 #2242. SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 2006 MySQL server has gone away The SQL being executed. {"status":"ok"} Exception (Database Exception) 'yiidbException' with message.

php – Yii2 MySQL server has gone away – Stack Overflow – I’m developing Yii2 application. There is a console script that executes quite long and it fails with error: MySQL server has gone away. According to logs it throws.