Upgrade Mariadb Galera Cluster

Next, make sure that the Galera version numbers are compatible. If you are upgrading from the most recent MariaDB 5.5 Galera to MariaDB 10.0 Cluster, the.

Postgres Migrate Json To Jsonb Mar 13, 2015. With the release of PostgreSQL 9.4, comes the ability to use binary JSON objects. This internal representation is faster and more capable than. db/migrate/20131220144913_create_events.rb. create_table :events do |t|. t.json 'payload'. end. # app/models/event.rb. class Event <. Jun 27, 2016. JSONB allows you to store JSON as is, and Rails has very good

10 reasons to migrate to MariaDB (if still using MySQL) The original MySQL was created by a Finnish/Swedish company, MySQL.

Upgrading Galera Cluster — Galera Cluster Documentation – For instance, while a rolling upgrade may prove time consuming, the cluster remains up. Similarly, while a bulk upgrade is faster, problems can result in longer.

MariaDB is a cousin of MySQL – but not an identical twin.

Dec 14, 2011. A rolling upgrade of your synchronous Galera Replication Cluster from version 1.0 to 1.1 is quite easy when you stay at the same MySQL.

Sep 23, 2014. I have been asking the same question for several months and have also been unable to find a clear answer on the internet. Perhaps that.

Postgres Live Migration May 27, 2015. A few months ago, we took around 15 seconds of unexpected API downtime during a planned database migration. We're always careful about. “ Postgres Vision draws some of the sharpest minds in open source as organizations strive to harvest greater strategic value and actionable insight from their data. PostgreSQL: Documentation: 9.0: Migration

Web Log Posts on MariaDB – MariaDB Knowledge Base – MariaDB Expanding Its Reach – 1 February 2013 – a good post by Dean Ellis of SkySQL about how MariaDB is growing. Accessing MariaDB.

Jan 12, 2015. MySQL 5.6 has an extensive list of new features and changes, so upgrading from a previous version can be risky if not tested extensively.