String Or Binary Data Would Be Truncated Visual Basic

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Hi I have a project that when I press a button it inserts random data in a table. The problem after the 5 or 6 time pressing the button I get an error.

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Although Visual Basic 6.0 stores strings internally as Unicode(UTF-16) it has several limitations: Ships with ANSI only controls (Label, Textbox, etc.).

Relevant for DP Premium Address and other applications where you encode binary data in a 2D symbol (Data Matrix etc).

Apr 10, 2013. This is caused by trying to write too much data to one of your table columns. Set a breakpoint at row(0) = nun_insc.Text , and single-step.

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"String or binary data would be truncated. The statement has been. – Hi, Its the error because of data-type and what the size you are passing for inserting data to that field.Suppose i have declared a field named.

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