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Kaseya Database Migration The Migrate VSA function allows. Select Overwrite Duplicate Data if you would like to. locate the SQL database backup file named <Kaseya_Installation. Please follow the below process to transfer SQL and the database from one. Makes sure the system meets system requirements for the appropriate Kaseya version. 4) Copy the database backup file to the

Jul 24, 2014. The upsize tool in Access 2013 is gone and the recommended way is now to use the SQL Server Migration Assistant (SSMA). Like a lot of.

SQLCoffee – SQL Server Migration Assistant – Timeout Expired – Microsoft SQL Server Migration Assistant timed out. The timeout period elapsed prior to completion of the operation or the server is not responding.

Use SQL Server Migration Assistant (SSMA) In addition to MySQL it supports Oracle, Sybase and MS Access. It appears to be quite smart and capable of handling even.

Discusses the various tools to migrate your databases: Data Migration Assistant (DMA), SQL Server Migration Assistant (SSMA), Database Experimentation Assistant

SQL Server Migration Assistant: Getting Started – Thomas LaRock – Mar 6, 2012. Thomas LaRock helps you get started with migrating your data to MS SQL Server by using the SQL Server Migration Wizard.

There’s a funny blog post about how to download SQL Server Express from Long Zheng. It surprisingly how complex some companies make downloading things.

Postgres Pg_upgrade Description. pg_upgrade (formerly called pg_migrator) allows data stored in PostgreSQL data files to be upgraded to a later PostgreSQL major version without the data. Jan 9, 2016. 30 2016: PostgreSQL 9.6 was released today, and these instructions should work — just replace. pg_upgrade -d /usr/local/var/postgres -D. Bruce Momjian: Postgres Blog – Identifier Case Sensitivity. Wednesday,

Potential Barriers to Upgrade to SQL Server 2014 Include Cost, Planning 1; SQL Server Management Studio Now Has Its Own Upgrade Path; Upgrade Assistant for SQL Server.

This first guide in a two-part series on SQL Server patch deployment will help you track down those pesky servers before getting them properly patched.

Microsoft SQL Server vs. MySQL – mssqltips.com – Is Microsoft SQL Server superior to MySQL or not? What are the pros and cons of using SQL Server over MySQL? Is MySQL mature enough to compete with a big player like.