Ruby Sequel Dump_schema_migration

Class: Sequel::Database — Documentation for evanfarrar. – Sequel::Database is an abstract class that is not useful by itself. DB. alter_table :items do add_column :category, :text, :default => 'ruby' drop_column : category. This complements the :indexes=>false option to dump_schema_migration.

Sequel::SchemaDumper – dump_schema_migration (options=OPTS). Return a string. Don't attempt to translate database types to ruby types.

sequel/migration.rdoc at master · jeremyevans/sequel · GitHub – Sequel: The Database Toolkit for Ruby. Migrations in Sequel use a DSL via the Sequel.migration method, and inside the DSL, use the Sequel::Database.

Database class for PostgreSQL databases used with Sequel and the pg, postgres, Return instance of Sequel::Postgres::Dataset with the given options.

Schema::AlterTableGenerator is an internal class that the user is not expected to instantiate directly. Instances are created by Sequel::Database#alter_table.

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