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Continue reading Tips for Entity Framework Migrations. Skip to content. I run 2 CI builds at the same which both try run the migrations on the same database.

Nov 4, 2014. 04 November 2014 on entity framework, database, migrations. you roll back your local database to the last migration that existed before you.

Migrating Production Database with Entity Framework. – Subscribe Migrating Production Database with Entity Framework Code First 04 November 2014 on entity framework, database, migrations…

EF Core Migrations to create database and tables for. In my Getting Started with Entity Framework Core and SQLite article I wrote a simple. EF Core Migrations as well as deletion of the table in case you want to rollback those changes.

Database Migration in Entity Framework 7 – CodeProject – I will demonstrate database migration using Entity Framework 7 and Visual Studio 2015 RC. I will use DNX (.NET Execution Environment) commands from the prompt to do.

Resetting Entity Framework Migrations to a clean Slate. – I’ve had a number of problems with Entity Framework Migrations getting out of whack to the point were I can’t get the database and the migrations into sync to accept.

Jul 11, 2012. How does Octopus Deploy handle rollbacks when a deployment fails? In answering this. During a deployment, you may have run a migration script to rename a column. One option is to restore the database from a backup.

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