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Grails Disable Database Migration Jul 15, 2008. In this Mastering Grails installment, Scott Davis explores the various ways that Grails can use database tables that don't conform to the Grails. Jul 20, 2017. Ant · Custom command executable · Grails · Maven · MSBuild · NAnt. Moving your Bamboo data to a different database. You may have to disable

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Jul 29, 2013. Here are all the Rails 4 (ActiveRecord migration) datatypes: :binary; :. If you use PostgreSQL, you can also take advantage of these: :hstore; :json. We can store arrays in a string-type column and specify the type for hstore.

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README.textile. Postgres array support for activerecord. Add basic support for postgres arrays to activerecord, with special attention to getting rails migrations.

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Add an array column in Rails – Stack Overflow – Sep 5, 2015. The examples using array: true would require Postgres or some other database capable. rails g migration add_subjects_to_book subjects:text.

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How to start using Arrays in Rails with PostgreSQL | Arkency Blog – Oct 21, 2014. How to start using Arrays in Rails with PostgreSQL. by Kamil Lelonek October. rails g migration add_subjects_to_book subjects:text. And the.