Rails Migration Mysql Bigint

Rails 5.1 new default BIGINT primary key sort of ruins existing apps (with fix!) TL;DR. Run bin/rails db:schema:dump in development to get a new schema.rb file built.

Aug 13, 2008. There is a plug-in MySQL Bigint Rails Plugin that supports multiple. and add “ require 'postgre_extensions' ” to the top of each migration file.

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2014年8月13日. Ruby 2.1.2 Rails 3.2.17 MySQL 5.6. rails g model attachment id:bigint name: string invoke active_record create db/migrate/20140808012932 _create_attachments.rb create. rake db:migrate undefined method `bigint` for.

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2017年4月6日. 結論intではmysqlの型が変わるただし有効はものは1から5までbigint. Ridgepole · migration · Rails · MySQL. 0. bigintではlimitは意味を持たない.

Would you recommend using a datetime or a timestamp field, and why (using MySQL)? I’m working with PHP on the server side.

By default rails set primary key column to int(11). But we had a situation where we need to increase size to bigint(20). Now, Rails' generic migration API doesn't.