Rails Legacy Database Migration

Jan 30, 2010. So, you're a few weeks away from launch day and you have a fair amount of data in an older database structure and you want it accessible to.

ruby on rails – How do I create the migrations for a legacy database. – Oct 10, 2008. When creating the new migration file make sure that it is named in such a way. First we pointed the rails configuration to the current database.

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Mar 10, 2014. The most basic operation for dealing with a legacy schema in Rails is to explicitly set the. Database Migration CategoriesIn "2014".

Entity Framework Migrations Update-database Down How to use the Entity Framework Code First approach. within Visual Studio 2012 and activate the EF Code First Migration features from there. migration of the database via the Package Manager console by entering “Update-Database”. In order for Entity Framework to update the database with this change, we need to tell it which migration to

This will do the following things: Add legacy adapter to database.yml; Add app/ models/legacy directory; Add app/models/legacy to autoload_paths in Rails.

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