Rails Composite Primary Key Migration

將現有資料庫導入Rails ActiveModel – 不歸錄 – 大兜 – 2011年8月17日. 遺憾的,RoR 並沒有支援composite primary key 以下聽我娓娓道來。. rails g model my_model –skip-migration invoke active_record create.

I don't know this for a fact, but I assume it's because Rails (and therefore ActiveRecord) is an. How do I set the default column value in Ruby on Rails migrations for PostgreSQL? How can I use SendGrid with a traditional Rails 5 mailer?

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Inference will define normal attributes, foreign keys and primary key (even when it's a composite primary key). To infer a schema automatically: require 'rom-sql'.

2013年9月18日. 背景railsではrails g scaffoldなどでModelを作成すれば、 自動的にidが付与されます。. class CreateItems < ActiveRecord::Migration def change.

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Citus requires that primary keys contain the distribution column, so we must modify the. This section investigates specifically how to migrate multi-tenant Rails. the database mustn't, because the primary key will be composite migrations.

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