Oracle Migrate Execution Plan

Oracle has announced that with Oracle 11g, the rule-based optimizer (RBO) will no longer be supported, and you need to move quickly to migrate to the cost-based.

We checked the DB access and we can generate Execution Plan in Oracle using the same id, but cannot do so from dynatrace. Any thoughts.

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1) The first thing I would check is if the database parameters are equivalent across Prod and Dev. If one of the parameters that affects the.

May 3, 2017. SQL Server post migration step is very crucial for reconciling any data accuracy. (such as Oracle, DB2, MySQL and Sybase) to SQL Server migration. For different parameters, the same execution plan becomes inefficient.

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Adaptive Cursors and SQL Plan Management. Use bind variables that intelligently pick the right plan every time and make sure a new execution plan is perfect before it.

Feb 16, 2010. How can an execution plan suddenly change when no one has made. The CBO has to guess and depending on the version of Oracle and the type of. last day ( sysdate-1 ) which started to perform bad after 10g migration.

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Learn how to use the Oracle PLAN_TABLE and explain plans to guide. The PLAN_TABLE (see example below) is used to visualize the execution plan. It is important to rerun this script when migrating to a newer instance of Oracle.