Mysql Migration Toolkit Error Javaloader

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MySQL Bugs: #29395: MySQL Migration Toolkit fails with JRE1.6 – Same error but the migration toolkit works. Migration toolkit does not work with same Java Loader. Sun owns MySQL. But MySQL's Migration Toolkit still.

Bug #27887 Migration Toolkit Does not recognise Java – MySQL Bugs –. the migration toolkit does NOT recognise the java runtime system. Error initializing Java module loader. I could not run MySQL Migration toolkit,

Please note that development of MySQL Migration Toolkit has been discontinued. MySQL Workbench provides and integrated GUI.

MYSQL Migration toolkit error – The JRE library cannot be. – I am trying to migrate my data using MySql Migration ToolKit. I have installed it but it is showing me error indicating: Initialize Java Loader. When I check the path.

I am new to MySQL and would like to try to migrate a database from informix. – initialized java loader -> failed Error. migration toolkit failed at java loader.