Kaseya Database Migration

The Migrate VSA function allows. Select Overwrite Duplicate Data if you would like to. locate the SQL database backup file named <Kaseya_Installation.

Please follow the below process to transfer SQL and the database from one. Makes sure the system meets system requirements for the appropriate Kaseya version. 4) Copy the database backup file to the database server you wish to connect. Migration of Kaseya 9.2 Server and the database · How do I move Kaseya.

This article is only applicable for migrating Kaseya VSA 9.2 and lower. Problem: I would like to migrate my current kaseya server.

I also tried moving the DB to another sql instance on the same server but as soon as I "Change DB" to point to the restored DB on the new SQL.

Sep 23, 2011  · Came into work in the morning and thought I would reboot the database server since it has needed a few updates for a while. Had about a 20 minute ideal.

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QUESTION I wish to move the database to another server, running a newer version of SQL Server, while keeping the VSA front-end (IIS.

Kaseya Server Setup.

Question How can I migrate agents from one VSA server to another? Answer If migrating to a new server which is a replica of the original.

Postgres Pg_upgrade Description. pg_upgrade (formerly called pg_migrator) allows data stored in PostgreSQL data files to be upgraded to a later PostgreSQL major version without the data. Jan 9, 2016. 30 2016: PostgreSQL 9.6 was released today, and these instructions should work — just replace. pg_upgrade -d /usr/local/var/postgres -D. Bruce Momjian: Postgres Blog – Identifier Case Sensitivity. Wednesday,

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Answer. The data required to recover a Kaseya server in the event of failure is: – – backup of SQL database – selected directories from the Kaseya installation.

This knowledge base is a growing and evolving repository for articles relating to all Kaseya products. Kaseya Data Backup. Kaseya Desktop Policy & Migration.

Kaseya Desktop Migration implements user migration with minimal disruption to your business, automating migration of files, folders and productivity applications.

R9 Install/Upgrade Checklist – Kaseya Support Knowledgebase – Migration of data from Mobile Device Management to Enterprise Mobility. having a full backup of your ksubscribers database as well as Kaseya directories.

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