Database Migrations For Zero Downtime Deployments

4 Oracle Database High Availability Solutions for Planned Downtime. Planned downtime can be just as disruptive to operations as unplanned downtime.

Oracle Database High Availability (HA) – Oracle Database High Availability, MAA, Maximum Availability Architecture

Oct 3, 2016. Database Migrations For Zero Downtime Deployments. One of the biggest challenges with blue-green deployments is migrating the database.

Jun 19, 2017. An article about Zero Downtime Deployment and the process of changing a Rails database without introducing any downtime – by Pedro Belo.

Earlier this year, we here at Mirantis found ourselves in a situation where we needed to upgrade across two OpenStack releases.

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Zero Downtime Migrations in Rails – Jaco Pretorius – Jul 10, 2017. So how do we structure our database migrations to avoid these types of errors while still allowing zero downtime deployments? The answer lies.

Oracle White paper – Technical Comparison Oracle Database 12c vs. Microsoft SQL Server 2012: Focus on High Availability 3 Unplanned and Planned Downtime

May 31, 2016. What is this mythical zero downtime deployment?. database migration happens together with your application deployment – your deployment.

Sql Server Migration Assistant For Access 32 Bit Why does Microsoft SQL Server Migration Assistant fail. – May 14, 2014  · I am testing Microsoft SQL Server Migration Assistant version 5.3.0 to migrate an Access 2010 database to SQL Server Express 2012. When I. Jul 3, 2015. I remember this error. I had to find the EXE for 32-bit SSMA even though I was

Jan 12, 2015  · The solution, aptly named Azure Data Center Migration Solution (ADCMS) and licensed under Apache v2.0, provides a highly flexible and extensible method of.

Performing zero downtime database migrations. Étienne Lafarge. Context. On a modern deployment of a given backend service, one would like to have that.