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Aug 9, 2017. Welcome to postgresql-simple-migrations, a tool for helping you with PostgreSQL schema migrations. This project is an open-source database.

Sep 10, 2017. As your database grows and scales there are some operations that you need to take more care of than you did when you were just starting.

24.4. Migration Between Releases. This section discusses how to migrate your database data from one PostgreSQL release to a newer one. The software installation.

Database tool that is tailored to suit specific needs of SQL developers.

Oracle to PostgreSQL migration tool, automatically convert Oracle and MySQL database to PostgreSQL

Jan 20, 2016. In this tutorial you'll set up a Barman backup server, make a backup from a primary PostgreSQL database server, and restore to a standby.

You can migrate data to PostgreSQL databases using AWS DMS, either from another PostgreSQL database or from one of the other supported databases.

pgEdit has been updated to work with TextMate 2. The syntax highlighting grammar now supports all PostgreSQL 9.3 keywords and SQL.

Get Continuous Replication Technology for High Availability + Ease of Migration.

Jun 23, 2017. This blog post provides an overview on how you can migrate your Oracle database to PostgreSQL. The two biggest parts of a database.

Dbase Migration Created and edited by Dr. Róbinson Rojas Sandford this academic site promotes excellence in teaching and researching economics and. Migrate Server Workloads Without Data Loss or Downtime. See Migration Solutions. Mysql Migrations Easily deploy changes to your database schema by running SQL change scripts, using Entity Framework migrations, or with Redgate’s database DevOps tooling. Flyway

Ispirer offers database and application migration services and an innovative toolkit for automatic conversion. Choose Ispirer for your migration project and keep up.

Activerecord Migration Remove Index May 18, 2011. This is for Ruby on Rails 2.5.x, and MySQL 5, and the MySQL2 gem (there is. index; explicitly remove those indexes; test your migrations and. Getting Started with Rails — Ruby on Rails Guides – Getting Started with Rails. This guide covers getting up and running with Ruby on Rails. After reading

Aug 6, 2009. With a big database or a slow connection, dumping a file and. Linux Bash Shell Script for data migration between PostgreSQL Servers:

Upscene: Database tools for developers. Database tools for Oracle, PostgreSQL, InterBase, Firebird, SQL Server, MySQL, NexusDB, Sybase SQL.

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