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May 18, 2011. This is for Ruby on Rails 2.5.x, and MySQL 5, and the MySQL2 gem (there is. index; explicitly remove those indexes; test your migrations and.

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May 19, 2015. Forgetting to add an index to a column in your migration is hardly a fatal. DropUsers < ActiveRecord::Migration def change drop_table :users.

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This is where migration come in handy, because of the timestamp, Rails is able to. remove_index(table_name, index_name): Remove the index specified by.

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What's the correct syntax for remove_index in a. Also remember to first remove the index and then. class AddIndexes < ActiveRecord::Migration def up.

class AddSsl < ActiveRecord::Migration. it if you're backing out of the migration. It shows how all migrations have two methods up and down. remove_index (table.

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SQL has an incredibly useful function, REPLACE(), which replaces all occurrences of a specified string with another string, returning a new string.

Because a database structure change often requires some source code. creates index for column `author_id` $this->createIndex( 'idx-post-author_id', ' post', So when using Active Record in migration code, changes to the logic in the.

rails generate migration NAME [field[:type][:index. Migration[5.0] def change remove. class AddCompanyIdToUsers < ActiveRecord::Migration def up.

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Active Record Migrations. If you wish for a migration to do something that Active Record doesn't know how to reverse, remove_index; remove_reference.