Activerecord Migration Primary Key

In the migration that I want to create, the primary key of the table is a field called "id" but it is not an auto-incrementing integer. It's datatype should be.

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2014年11月30日. Railsでテーブルのidカラム以外にプライマリキーを設定したい。インターネットに. To define a custom primary key, pass { id: false } to create_table.

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Apr 13, 2017. Follow these steps to add UUID primary keys to your Rails 5.1+ application. rails generate migration enable_pgcrypto_extension.

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1 Migration Overview. Migrations are a convenient way to alter your database schema over time in a. as it's the default primary key for all Active Record models.

I have the following migration:. ActiveRecord Migrations Primary Key. as it's the default primary key for all Active Record models.

PostgreSQL indexing in Rails – Richard Nyström – Aug 20, 2013. In general it's a good practice to add an index for the primary key in your tables. class CreateProducts < ActiveRecord::Migration def change.